About The Delta Virtual

There are over a hundred thousand pilots estimated to be flying virtually. But to us, virtual aviation is about more than just bringing people under one roof to fly.It’s about bringing people together, in a managed environment that supports newbies and experts alike. With our community of experienced pilots, students and enthusiasts, we are able to cater to the needs of the ever evolving world of simulation flying. We invite you to explore TheDeltaVirtual and what it has to offer to your passion of flying and soaring about the clouds.

If you haven't heard of it yet, a Virtual Airline is a community of "pilots" who practice their skills of flying in simulators in the comfort of their own homes. They connect online using what is called an ACARS (acronym for Aircraft Communications, Addressing and Reporting System ). In real world ACARS is a digital communication system used on aircrafts that allows messages to be sent and received in text format between aircraft and ground stations. In Virtual world, this system allows you to connect and share your flights and other performance data with the VA and the rest of the community. We at The Delta Virtual provide our pilots the ACARS required to hook up your simulators with our servers. Read below to see if your system can connect with us, and what you can expect once on-board.


Supported Simulators

We support all major simulators in the market. FS98, FSX, MSFS, X-Plane 10, X-Plane 11, P3D / Prepar3D. Our tools connect with your simulator and transmit ACARS data to our servers. As long as your simulator supports FSUIPC or XPUIPC plugins / libraries can be used to fly on our network. We are also one of the few VAs that support Mac users along with their widely popular Windows counterparts. We are also open to partnering with 3rd party plug-in providers who wish to build tools to connect with our systems.

Operating Systems

Advanced Systems

We boast of an advanced website that is built on latest technologies, equipped with tools to make the Day in the Life of a Pilot easier and as realistic to the real world as possible. We provide our pilots with options to fly on regular scheduled flights of Delta and SkyTeam partners, or choose from one of the many tours, challenges and missions. We encourage you to plan the entire flight right from fuelling up to taking the correct route to your destination. Our flight and fuel planning tools will help you do just that.

Our Hubs
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